Metal Magnetic Memory Method
Metal Magnetic Memory Method
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Tester of Stress Concentration TSC-7M-16
Tester of Stress Concentration TSC-8M-4
February 01, 2017
New TSC-9M-12
Fabrication of new device - Tester of Stress Concentration TSC-9M-12
December 01, 2013
New TSC-8M-4 device
Fabrication of new device - Tester of Stress Concentration TSC-8M-4
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Tester of Stress Concentration TSC-8M-4

From 2 to 4 measuring channels

TSC is a system for measuring, recording and processing of diagnostic data about stressed-strained state of equipment and structures using the metal magnetic memory method.

Rosstandart Certificate RU.C.34.003.A No.42683.

The TSC-type devices are manufactured serially. By the operation principle they are specialized multi-channel flux-gate magnetometers. The Hp magnetic field intensity is calibrated on instruments' scales in A/m (Ampere/meter). The length of the recorded sensor movement is calibrated in mm (millimeters).

The TSC-type devices are unique means of measurement although there are a lot of various gages of magnetic field intensity (magnetometers) based on flux-gate transducers in Russia and abroad. Their uniqueness is both in their functional designation (detection of stress concentration zones, which are the main sources of equipment damaging) and in their structural specific features, marking them out significantly among the known magnetometers.

The distinctive features of TSC-type devices are:

  • Multi-channel operation
  • Scanning devices (18 types) allowing reading the values of field intensity and sensor movement length at a speed up to 0,5 m/sec (all scanning devices are protected by Russian and International patents)
  • Software for automatic processing of results directly on test objects
  • Flash-memory for recording the results of object inspection and possibility to transfer the data to IBM-compatible computers
  • Possibility to record inspection parameters with a specified frequency at a time unit ("timer" mode), which allows to execute inspection at products movement relative to sensors (inspection of rotating elements, moving ropes and cables, inspection of rails at flaw detector car movement, etc.)
  • "MMM-System" software for computer processing of inspection results in Windows 7/8/10

The TSC-8M-4 device has the following structural and functional distinctive features:

  • From 2 to 4 flux-gate transducers
  • Microprocessor 16 bit
  • RAM 1 Mb
  • 8 Mb flash-memory for recording of inspection results on object during 8 days without transferring the data to the computer
  • Special keyboard with 14 functional keys
  • Liquid-crystal display with resolution of 320х240 pixels for reflection of graphical information directly at equipment inspection
  • Dimensions 165х83х32 mm
  • Weight including storage batteries 0,4 kg
  • Power supply from built-in storage batteries DC 5В

Common technical data of TSC-type devices:

Range of Нр measurements ± 2000 A/m
Basic relative error of the measured magnetic field for each channel 5%
Relative error of the measured length does not exceed 5%
Minimum / maximum scanning step (the distance between the two adjacent points of field and length measurement) 1 / 128 mm
Operating temperature range -15°С...+55°С
Operating humidity range 45% - 85%


Comparison characteristics of TSC-type devices:

  TSC-2M-8 TSC-3M-12 TSC-4M-16 TSC-5M-32 TSC-6M-8 TSC-7M-16 TSC-8M-4 TSC-9M-12
Number of Нр value measurement channels 2 - 12 2 - 16 2 - 16 2 - 32 2 - 8 2 - 16 2 - 4 2 - 12
Maximum scan speed in steps of 1 mm 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 1,3 m/s 0,5 m/s 1,3 m/s 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s
Microprocessor 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 32 bit 16 bit 32 bit 16 bit 16 bit
RAM 1 Mb 1 Mb 1 Mb 8 Mb 1 Mb 8 Mb 1 Mb 2 Mb
Flash-memory 32 Mb 32 Mb 32 Mb 256 Mb 8 Mb 256 Mb 8 Mb 256 Mb
Data transferring to PC RS232/USB RS232/USB RS232/USB USB USB USB USB USB
Keyboard 14 keys 45 keys 45 keys 52 keys 15 keys 45 keys 14 keys 14 keys
Display LCD, 320x240 pixels LCD, 320x240 pixels ELD, 320x240 pixels LCD, 800x480 pixels OLED, 320x240 pixels OLED, 800х480 pixels LCD, 320x240 pixels LCD, 320х240 pixels
Dimensions 243х120х40 mm 230х105х40 mm 290х205х55 mm 250х136х48 mm 110х65х23 mm 230х105х40 mm 165х83х32 mm 165х83х32 mm
Weight including storage batteries 0,6 kg 0,6 kg 2,0 kg 1,2 kg 0,6 kg 0,6 kg 0,4 kg 0,4 kg
Power consumption 0,8-1,2 W 0,8-1,2 W 4,0-5,0 W 3,0-3,5 W 1,2-3,0 W 1,2-3,0 W 1,2-3,0 W 1,2-3,0 W
Power supply built-in battery 4x1,2V AA/
built-in battery
built-in battery built-in battery 3x1,2V AA 4x1,2V AA built-in battery built-in battery
Powered by the AC adapter DC 12В DC 9В/DC 12В DC 15В DC 15В - DC 9В DC 5В DC 5В


Scanning devices and sensors for TSC-8M-4
Type 1
Type 1
Type 2
Type 2
Type 3
Type 3
Type 4
Type 4
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